Who We Are

Construction Worker and Project Manager

About DRAXware

Founded in 2007 in Edmonton, Alberta, DRAXware is where innovation meets pragmatic solution. Born from a partnership between advanced research and practical industry specific solutions, DRAXware continues in the spirit of partnership, believing firmly that they become an extension of their customers. DRAXware is a focused niche solution; DRAXware provides customized solutions for the industry’s most demanding, information-intensive projects in the industrial construction market including oil and gas, pipelines, mining, power generation and refining industries.
This is why…
  • We believe you can combine the ‘uncombinable’ – book smarts and site smarts to deliver real solutions that reduce the yelling, headaches and frustrations experienced by construction contractors and owners…
  • We believe in working with our customers to solve one project at a time.
  • We believe that making you better makes us better
  • We believe technology is a “platform” and leadership, people and the processes drive a company’s success.
  • We know your business is constantly evolving and we are up to the challenge of evolving with you.