How it Works

Dashboard Reporting

Do you need a better handle of your industrial project from start to completion? Industrial construction projects are becoming larger than ever, filled with high risk and high uncertainty, and complications. Information overload is becoming a bigger problem for construction and project managers whose job is to ensure budgets are maintained, workers are paid, materials and equipment are purchased… all while being on deadline.

Dashboard reporting provides an overview of the project’s status and will help you gain control over your project objectives, priorities, and milestones. You define what data is important. With the use of traffic light cues, you can view which items are overdue or approaching the deadline, or which ones need more attention than others. The DRAXware dashboard reporting module lets you focus your energy on what matters most.


Focus on KPIs

The DRAXware dashboard reporting feature can be customized for a variety of key business members, including: executives/management, construction and project managers, team leaders, IT, HR, and many more. Dashboards can be customized and modified for each user, displaying information only relevant to their roles and tasks. Each user can spice up their personal dashboard with visually appealing charts and graphics that show results in long term or short term.
Dollar Analysis

Get immediate answers to questions like:

  • What are my actual costs in labour (including subs), equipment, materials, and allowances… for each project?
  • Are there any invoices that are past deadline or approaching the deadline?
  • How much tonnes of materials has been used for each site?
  • What are my indirect costs?
  • What are the top issues I should be aware of?
  • How much project material has been procured?
  • How much of the planned work have been accomplished?
  • Where are we at… estimated production versus actual?
  • Where are we at… forecasted hours versus actual?