Added Value

Project Dashboards Key Benefits

Project dashboards can be a very powerful data management tool for the industrial construction industry. They are gaining in popularity and increased functionality, allowing project managers to do more with less. They have several key advantages and benefits such as:

  • Real-time profit margin analysis: Seeing exactly which areas of the project is doing well and which aren’t
  • Quick searches for important items
  • Drill-down capabilities allow you to see items in further detail
  • Leverage interactive graphs and appealing visuals for quick, actionable information relating to the health and status of the project
  • Conditional formatting allow you to view items using traffic light cues (red, yellow, and green) depicting project status and activities
  • Personalized role-based project dashboards for any user, with KPIs only relevant to their role
  • Better visibility into risks, problem areas, and critical issues so they are identified early, allowing managers to take proactive action
  • Greater transparency and visibility into multiple projects
  • Empowered decision making with real-time, accurate information, in summary or in detail
  • Project dashboards let you focus your energy on problem areas and critical issues
  • Reduction or elimination  of paper processing: Saving you time and money in storage, collection and maintenance