Managed Services

The DRAXware managed services help organizations from the planning stage through design, execution, operation, and post-construction. DRAXware has a diverse staff with a broad range of experience and talent, allowing us to provide a range of products and services that can be tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

Customer Support

At DRAXware, we consider our clients as our partners and we pride ourselves in maintaining friendly, collaborative, and mutually beneficial relationships.

DRAXware offers a combination of phone, e-mail and collaborative online technical support for advice and assistance. Our core competency is our speed and reactivity and we are committed to answering your questions and resolving your issues fast and effectively.

Hosting Services

DRAXware offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) model which means that your data can be hosted on servers maintained and supported by DRAXware. Your users simply need an internet connection to use the software and access the data. This model makes implementation much faster and eliminates the need for you to buy expensive server hardware and software. It also minimizes the need for your IT team to help support you.

Risk Analysis and Management

Risk management involves identifying, analyzing, mitigating, and controlling risks, and culminates in the development of a Risk Management Plan. This process assists project owners and stakeholders in decision-making and minimizing costs by clearly identifying:

  • The likelihood, severity, and impact of potential risks
  • Determining a reasonable contingency value
  • And, outlining detailed strategies to manage the identified risks.

Risk management can be broken down into smaller and more focused services, including risk analysis, integrated modeling, and workshops.

Planning and Consultation

DRAXware offer services in production planning, scheduling and staging, and procurement and project delivery, to help owners maximize the value of their investments. Our facilitation of project delivery workshops includes developing delivery structures that meet the owner’s needs and contract packaging strategies to optimize benefits to the owner. With a project delivery workshop you can: minimize costs and tendering risks, reduce construction issues, and satisfy owner-specific requirements.


Software use and implementation require proper training and support to ensure that it becomes user friendly. DRAXware is committed to providing product training and support to guide your organization to success and to ensure the system is used to maximum capacity.
Our methodology includes providing on-site training to our clients to ensure a smooth process flow during implementation and configuration of our software.

Train-the-Trainer: A face-to-face type of training the designated administrator (project lead or team lead) the foundation for database maintenance, report generation, security control, user access and many more.

Role Based Training: The DRAXware team will guide your users to exploit our software to its full potential. We will make sure the users are aware of all the software’s features and how to speedily use them. Build the capabilities of the basic user to use our software for day-to-day routine activities, report generation, and reduce errors in data entry.