How it Works

DRAXware Contractor Management module helps you see more clearly into engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) of large-scale industrial projects, helps you manage and oversee the recruiting of contractors and subcontractors, and helps you automate project information, documents, and work processes.

Contractor Management

How are my contractors doing?

The DRAXware Contractor Management module can help you control and monitor vendor commitments and activity, including original contract project components, change orders, invoices, requisitions, retention processing, and payments. See clearly into performance and progress of your project contractors on multiple job sites. By having exact visibility into actual work performed versus what’s planned and invoiced, owners can generate performance evaluations.

Are we on track?

With the amount of subcontractors, issues, and documentation, it’s no wonder it takes an average of 30 to 60 days to get a change order approved by owners. This affects the company’s bottom line –causing an increase in wasted time, cost overrun, and idle equipment. Change is inevitable. With every change, it must be documented, negotiated, and approved. With the DRAXware Contractor Management system, improve the wait time to just hours. DRAXware provides you with a better way to track the change process, update or create new documentation, and analyze any financial obstacles that can impact the project.

How much of the planned work has been accomplished?

Earned value management (EVA) is widely used to assess and determine how the project is doing (cost, schedule, and resources). Owners can create project metrics periodically and compare this information with the metrics identified at the start of the project. Develop revised cost estimates-at-completion (EAC) based on performance to date, and compare this with the baseline to identify variances.

What if?…

What-if scenarios help you make more informed decisions and re-route your plan based on the results and changes, allowing you to easily update or create new versions of your plan.

  • Forecast cost and quantities to the end of the job with precision
  • PMBOK based S-Curve, Variance, ETC, EAC reporting and more
  • View trends in your cost, time, progress