Industrial construction projects are becoming larger, more complex and demanding than ever. It’s also filled with high risk, high uncertainty, and several complications. Project information control are important as ever and so does the need for a robust system to manage capital construction activities, jobs, labour, equipment, materials, payroll and timesheets. Information overload is becoming a bigger problem for construction and project managers whose job is to ensure budgets are maintained, workers are paid, materials and equipment are purchased… all while being on deadline.

Effective project planning and execution is important in order to have a smooth operation and meeting project deadline and budget. DRAXware and Services are for those striving to improve their Project Dashboards, Reverse Invoicing, Field Data Capture, and Contractor Management processes. Whether you’re tracking shutdowns, turnarounds and outages, DRAXware software and team is there to assist you in your most challenging projects yet. The DRAXware team will help you drive success, profitability, and improve predictability and forecasting across multiple projects.