Field Data Capture

Driving Integration

Vast amount of operational/field data are still being captured using Excel spreadsheets and/or pen and paper. Reliance on Excel for retrieving, manipulation and reporting information allows for limited insight reporting by staff to upper management. Excel doesn’t allow staff to see ‘real-time data’. Manual-based processes slows down workflows and creates more problems for the users. Systems are disparate, fragmented and cannot easily be combined to present accurate, enterprise-wide information. Identical data is stored in multiple locations leading to communication inefficiencies, inconsistencies in reporting and difficulty seeing the whole picture.

Information is an asset. For large oil and gas companies, unlocking valuable data and turning it into information can impact decision making and provide better business insight. The DRAXware Field Data Capture enables real-time tracking of labour, equipment, materials and contractor information, serving as a direct link between remote job sites and the office. It also allows users to capture, analyze, and monitor data in a cost-effective manner. The DRAXware Field Data Capture allows for the quick entry of work tickets on site, saving time and eliminating payroll errors. Read More