Establishing a Culture of Effective Communication Practices in the Industrial Construction Industry

Effective Communication Thumbnail Regardless of the industry, today’s fast-paced, constantly changing world has made the timely transfer of information between stakeholders important. The importance of communication is magnified in the industrial construction industry; an industry that has billions of dollars on the line, and is fragmented and complex.

Project Dashboards: Your Power Tool For Data Management

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to quickly compile and view just the information you need right now? The last thing a busy project manager wants is to spend their weekend digging through mountains of spreadsheets to find the one piece of data they are looking for. Dashboards in construction management software are gaining popularity and increased functionality as they enable users to see several KPIs at once. This eBook will provide you with tips and advice on getting the most out of your project dashboards.

Five Factors for Scaling Your Business to Meet Demand

We have all seen firsthand construction companies that double revenues and at the same time, cut profitability in half. In order to remain profitable, construction companies must be scalable to effectively meet increasing demands.

Establishing a Better Construction Invoicing Process

Establishing a Better Construction Invoicing Process Every year, in the construction industry, millions of invoices are exchanged between owners and contractors in the construction industry. When accounts payable (AP) invoices travel through the project life cycle, they often end up stopping at many desks and job sites along the way. This makes the process slow, inefficient and costly.