Contractor Management

Driving Improvement

Wouldn’t it be great to sleep easy at night knowing you could effectively manage and track all the contractors on your job site? Capital construction projects last for years, cost billions of dollars, and come with a million worries and responsibilities. The last thing a busy project manager wants is to add unnecessary extra tasks of chasing down contractors and holding them accountable. For a company that outsources over 90% of its work, there must be a system to manage contractors and subcontractors.

You might often ask…
  • Are the contractors on time?
  • Are we on budget?
  • How much of the planned work has been accomplished?
  • Are the contractors on site accountable?

DRAXware provide up-to-date answers to these questions, help mitigate the associated risks, improve project collaboration and ensures contractual obligations are met. Throughout the project duration, the DRAXware Contractor Management module will help you see more clearly into engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) of large-scale industrial projects, help you manage and oversee the recruiting of contractors and subcontractors, and help you automate project information, documents, and work processes.